The light shines through my big picture window in the morning, and I love the way it highlights the silver threads on my new linen pillows. The gray-blue painted wood is my antique Swedish Gustavian bench with a harp motif. These Swedish antiques were more country provincial than polished city pieces. So, they fit perfectly in my living room.

 The challenging part of creating a neutral color palette is exercising restraint. I am from New York...I am not normally a restrained person, lol. But a neutral color palette is so beautiful and soothing, and it's such a French provincial look. If I could, I would live in a stone home built in 1400. But we don't have too many of those here in New York. Someday, I will live in France!

I am aiming to achieve a totally neutral palette in most of my home. To keep this from being boring, I am combining many different textures. There's the silvery shiny threads, the soft uneven feel of the linen, and the super chippy paint that you can see on the little pots. I think I will find some air ferns to go in these pots. A little green from live plants doesn't spoil my neutral theme... I think it will enhance it.

Do you see how beautifully the light reflects on the silver and  linen? Every girl needs just a little sparkle to keep her farmhouse shining.
I would love to know how you've added a little bling to your neutral this week. Your comments are my favorite part so please keep them coming. I hope you have a beautiful day.