My Friendly Beach Glass Competition
and How to Build a Beautiful Friendship

 I have an eclectic taste in collecting....Antique French fabrics, grainsacks, and beach glass. I am also very picky about my beach glass. I found every single piece myself, and almost all of it I found walking along the beach on the North Shore of Long Island where I used to have a home. No store bought beach glass for me, thank you :). 

 Now, normally I am not a snob. I am more a tee shirt and flip-flops girl than a diamonds and decked out gal. But when it comes to beach glass, I am definitely all about high end. I'm pretty sure my beach glass collection is ... ummm.... "the best", and my best friend Barb and I have always had a  friendly little competition, just to prove it.

 Barb and I lived  along the same stretch of beach for almost a decade. We walked that beach together many times, with children and without, almost always with a dog or three, in freezing cold, humidity and heat, and once on such a windy day I thought we would never make it back. We always had a great time, talking about everything from gardening to marriages. We became lifelong friends along that beach. 
But... we were competitors.

Turquoise, lavendar and deep blue were the best. Barb could never understand how I could find so much deep blue glass. She has one little jar. I have more.
Brown on the other hand, was run of the mill.  After a while, it wasn't even worth bending over for.

Sometimes, we would find what we thought was a great piece of white, only to realize it was "just" a rock.
The most rare is red, or orange. I have only one piece of red beach glass. Barbara, to the best of my knowledge, has none. 
Shapes are also key. I have a marble. A real, old genuine marble. I also have a full bottle, still intact. And lots of bottle necks. The rounder and smoother, the better. If it's too "new" we have an unspoken rule: we send it back into the sea. It's not "ready" yet. It goes back into the water for another collector to find years down the road. (ummm... down the beach).

Recently, I finally unpacked my beach glass collection. I washed off all the dust, and I am ready to find a beautiful way to display it. Now I know I am home.

 Barb is always excellent at displaying her beach glass. 
But I still have the better collection  :)