An antique grain sack, vintage leather, and crystal beads create a unique and special focal point 
Katherine and I are enjoying a "stuck inside" snow day while we are staying at a friend's beach cottage impatiently awaiting the move to our new home. Beach cottage in a blizzard. Hmmmm..... So I took out a few of my favorite decorating books, including a favorite by Charlotte Moss, and I see pillows, pillows every where. 

Original details such as patches make the piece a true collector's item

 A special pillow is like the jewelry on a well dressed woman. In fact, one of my favorite pillows in Ms. Moss's book is made from a cashmere cable knit sweater, and another is fashioned from a fur wrap. Just like the beautiful touches on a fashionable woman's outfit, the right pillow can bring the perfect focal point to any room,  giving a room confidence and style. This creation which I made recently for a client is going to add a type of "modern barn" or Brooklyn loft feel to a living room. 

Antique French Floral fabrics and antique French ticking stripes
Many designers combine Toiles, stripes, florals and checks or other patterns in a room. Here is a collection of pillows from The Lily Home which includes antique French Rococo fabrics in a bright and feminine color palette, combined with antique French ticking stripe fabric and vintage black leather. The more subdued hues of the antique European homespun and the caramel antique French Art Deco fabric on the large pillow in the back, plus the small hints of turquoise, help to calm the red and ground the collection.

A striking set of accents for any room
The two smallest rectangular pillows I created from an incredibly rare, museum quality piece of French floral fabric from the mid to late 1800s. It would have been used in a French lady's boudoir or possibly as delicate curtains. Bringing a rare treasure like this into your home is a way to make your home stand out as unique and stylish, much the way a designer bag or a special piece of jewelry does for a fashionable woman. I have just as much fun dressing up my rooms as I do getting dressed for a special occasion.

I hope you find a little fashion preview for your own room soon! Until then, enjoy the snow (or whatever wonderful weather you are having)!