Sometimes, my special friend and I take a drive through the countryside, and get a little lost on purpose, just so I can find beautiful places to share with YOU. So, you will please forgive me because I cannot (again) remember the name of the pretty little seaside village in Connecticut where these pictures were taken. I'm hoping one of you wonderful readers will clue me in.

 There are times when I feel a little like a "voyeur" standing at the edge of a lawn just to show you someone's front door. But this time, a charming New England woman who was walking her dog saw me and said, "Isn't it wonderful? It was built in 1772" or 1778, or something along those lines. Anyway, the homeowner is lovingly restoring it. I hope he leaves the patina on the front door. I've always said you cannot recreate that original patina in a reproduction.

Which leads me to a bit of my own news... Well, I hope. If you have been reading this little blog for a few months, you know I said a ways back that I had some exciting news. I am hoping and trying to buy my own little very modest, very original home. This will be big news if it happens because it will be the culmination of a busy, tumultuous, exciting and trying time in the lives of my children and myself. 
So please keep your fingers (and toes, and any other digits) crossed for us that this works...

Okay don't get excited.... THIS is not it. I just loved the look of this home on the Connecticut shoreline, and I am hoping someday to recreate this look, on a much, much smaller scale in my new home that I don't yet own. (I like to think of it as mine. It has very happy vibes.)

The Ocean House
Isn't this absolutely grand? Can't you just see a lovely wedding on the veranda? 

So, that is my trip to Connecticut in a nutshell. My wonderful "friend" drove me all over just to take pretty photos. And soon, I hope to start showing you photos of my own place, and my own personal journey. It has been a very long road, with a lot of rough patches, but the long and difficult journeys are the ones that make us appreciate life so much more, and along the way, we learn that what really makes a home isn't the house at all.... it's the people inside.

Remember... keep your fingers (and toes) crossed please.
Till next time,