I had hopes of cutting down our own Christmas tree this year, but time got away from me. Which turned out to be just fine, because"someone" surprised me with a trip to the most beautiful nursery instead.

Even though I insist on a real tree, this "not so real" one was right up my alley. All white, with just a little linen and burlap, and the perfect amount of silver and gold shine. Every Christmas tree needs just the right amount of sparkle.

Linen and sequins. The perfect sparkle for a French Country kind of tree.

This would look so perfect with all my antique Swedish and French Country furniture.

I just love how the shine of the silver bird contrasts with the rough of the burlap. I could see the same look being created with, say, a French grain sack or some homespun. Come to think of it, any antique French fabric could look beautiful on a Christmas tree.

Look at the way the light reflects. The ornament looks like ice on snow.

I would love to see some pictures of all your favorite tree ornaments and decorations. Would you send me some? Just post them in the comments section.

Nothing ever turns out the way I planned. But most of the time things turn out even better. Thank you to my "someone" who gave me this year's tree. It was a very special beginning to a  beautiful Christmas.