We are so lucky to live very close to Manhattan, so I thought I would share some sights of the season with you. It's my favorite time of year in "the City." This is a garland from the Essex Hotel on Central Park South.

Not upside down. Windows on 5th Avenue.

For me, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without at least one trip to New York City. I know Katherine feels the same way. She is becoming a true city girl. I love our trips to NY together.

This time, we made it an overnight "girls weekend." It was so special. In a little more than a year she will be off to college. I want to spend as much time with her as I can before she goes. But when she comes back, I know I will always be able to talk her into a "girls' trip to the city."

A horse, a dog AND sparkle. You just knew I would love this one, mais oui!

The famous tree at Rockefeller Center. It's just magical. How long does it take to string all those lights?


Ho Ho HO!!

A magical Christmas in Town.