One of a kind

My Antique German Grain Sacks
Hand-created textile works of art
I have had a lot of questions recently about my antique German Grain sacks. These woven works of art which have become so popular in the last few years are becoming more and more rare. They are on the verge of extinction, antique-speaking.

The finest examples have beautifully stylized writing, or hand-drawn animals or other farming and country-life themes. Other very rare ones have motifs  of wreaths or crowns. Of course, my personal favorite are the horses.



There is something very special about these antique linens. I'm not sure if it's partly because they started out as utilitarian objects. It's incredible to me that people would put so much care and effort into creating something that carried grain to the market.

In the past I had maybe ten or so horse and equestrian pieces. Now I have only a few, and I cannot get any more. I may never give up the few I have left.


 In Part II of this blog I will talk about how these fine textiles were made....