Recently, we took a trip to a beautiful seaside village. This coastal town is very historic, and when we took a little walking tour, I was just loving how all the home owners took such pride in their antique entryways.

They all seemed so historically accurate. I love the simplicity. The beauty of the antique architecture really stands out. Of course, we all know I'm a sucker for historical architecture. 

I have a secret I'll be sharing with all of you soon... I'm very excited. And I'm loving this black front door. It's having a big influence on me. I might just go in that direction... you'll see... soon :)

Look at all the black and red. The combination can be bold like this façade....


Or more subdued, like the chippy old paint on this historic beauty.


I couldn't help but notice all the great textures, and in such variety. The smooth, hardness of the stone, the great patina on the worn paints, and lots of iron accents. The roughness of the twig wreath really stands out on the first door, doesn't it?

This one reminds me of New Orleans. The fantastic wrought iron wraps around such a romantic entry way. But this is far from New Orleans. Does anyone know where these historic homes are located? If you can tell me in a comment, I just might have a surprise gift  waiting for you! I'm itching to give away a creation of mine.

So here's a hint... Here's a window of a wonderful restaurant in the town. I hope you liked your visit to your mystery historic seaside village. And I can't wait to share more secrets with you soon.
Remember if you know the answer, send me a comment, and I'll share a creation with you!