Morning Light
Toward the end of the summer, we headed out to Fire Island for the day.
 We took a long walk through several of the beach towns. There are no roads here. The summer cottages are rustic and have a wind-worn beauty.
The paths are dusted in sand, and lined in beach grass. 

The patina of some of my Swedish Gustavian antiques remind me so much of driftwood that is faded by the sand and the sea.

A window box along the beach walk.

Lately I've seen some kitchens and tables being done in lime-washed wood. This is a technique similar to white washing from decades ago when people would water down paint to make a can go further. It is one of my favorite looks; a beautiful time worn patina in a gray blue makes my favorite Swedish antique furniture special.

 Sage by the Sea.

 Detail of rare Gustavian bench from the late 1700s.


The striped quilt is an antique French duvet. It would be so perfect for curling up by the bonfire on a chilly Fire Island night. 
 I hope you had a beautiful summer.