HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER...  Beach Cottage Bliss 
My next stop of the summer was at Tim's beach cottage.  It is the  perfect little beach cottage spot... sand as soft as powder, absolutely no internet or phone, family and friends everywhere, and plenty of Red Solo Cups.

This tiny little beach cottage is truly right in the sand. The women who owned it previously loved yellow and lavender.  
Take a peek inside our humble cottage.

Shadows from the blades of beach grass.

Stick your feet in the sand. I can still feel it. The sand here is soooo soft.

Turquoise and yellow. Time for a good book.

The neutral colors of the sand grains and the pebbles inspire my decorating for my own home. The sand grains remind me of the homespun in my antique French sheets and my French and German grainbags.

Nature's beautiful symmetry in the sand.

The beach inspires my indoor palette. Soft blue grays of the crystal clear water, and the deeper more dramatic hues of the sky in a thunderstorm.

 I am remembering the romantic sail, and loving every moment of it. A perfect  beginning to my "off the grid" summer.
I hope you have a serenely beautiful day...