Light shining through

I try to stay positive. I believe there's no point in being unhappy when you can be happy.
This morning was kind of tough though. Sometimes we all have a hard time staying positive. So I brought out my camera, and a few of my favorite pieces.
I decided to play a little with the light.  This is an antique German grain sack that I backed with some antique French ticking. Now it is a one of a kind throw.
There is beauty in the contrast between the rough, rustic neutrals and black of the German grain sack and the bright, but still soft, 1800s red ticking from France.
One of my favorite antique French florals is this Rococo beauty of the birds and the ribbon. I added a contrasting texture with some antique homespun linen as a patch on a worn spot. Having time to be creative always makes me happy.
My dear friend Gina made this precious box for me. It has antique homespun linen from Europe, with a distressed leather top. She is so talented, she even added tiny bun feet to my special box. This is another of my "Paris meets Texas" pieces.
Sometimes I have to make myself take some time out for fun. So this afternoon, I went to the barn, and rode my quarter horse, Nathan. I was stressed when I arrived, but I had one of my best rides ever. Nate was so happy to get out, and it was a sunny, cool day... perfect for riding. It turned my mood and suddenly I was elated.
I kept reminding myself to stay positive, and it worked. It was almost as if I saw the light.
I hope you all have a wonderful week, filled with whatever makes you see the light.