Devinely simple


I found this antique gesso frame at a country flea market last year. It had been painted cream, and the paint had worn. The faded wooden garden bench has a floral pattern stamped into it, and it is so faded you can barely see it. This is one of my favorite antique German grain sacks.

 This antique pitcher has such graceful lines.
 It has intricate embossing, and the crazing and crackling add to its beauty.

My bedroom windowsill.
These are devine little antique silver plate cups from France. I refuse to polish them up. The patina is perfect. There are 11... the 12th is hiding somewhere.

Layers of worn paint make these simple spindles special.  There is a layer of gray, another of cream, and a few I can't quite define.

Surrounding myself with neutral tones, patina and soft textures. It's so soothing and relaxing. Perfectly simple.