Who Needs April Showers

Okay, I admit it... I can't stop. Consider this La Deux of "Are You Ready". All these bright cheerful Spring colors just keep making me smile...

 A very rare, special French Provincial antique fabric.
 An oh so rare antique French ribbon floral. This was the top of a French day bed. Can you just see an antique French bed in a French Provincial home surrounded by this incredible beauty?


Soft pink roses of this gorgeous fabric lined the windows of an 1800s French provincial home. These feminine antique French fabrics were made by hand, and to create them took months of weaving fabric, carving patterned blocks, and adding tiny details with dye. I have turned some of these rare antique fabrics into some elegant pillows with just a touch of bling and fun. I'll show them to you soon.


Another rare antique French floral fabric, but this one is from another time. This stylized floral with a more dramatic look is from the Arts and Crafts period. The white areas were actually areas on the fabric where the dye was "refused" by applying wax patterns to the fabric... a delicate, intricate, pain-staking process.  

 Happy Spring, Part Deux