Wreaths of flowers on my window...
This has been an interesting Winter. We had a serious hurricane, a blizzard that brought snow up to my hips (and some beautiful photos along with it), and, something I never thought I would experience.... a small tornado that took out a corner of my home and my friend's car... Hmmm.. Time for SPRING!!!

After the serene grays of winter, Spring brings warmth and brightness.  
Last Spring I visited Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and just happened upon a Spring festival. This lovely lady appeared in the perfect costume.
Serendipity brought me there. It's a beautiful place. If you ever get the chance, you should visit.
Do you see the turtles? In Brooklyn! They are soaking up the warmth of the bright days of Spring.
 Extra   ordinary. Is this Brooklyn..... or France?
 Everyone is ready for the beauty of Spring.
I hope you enjoy your beautiful day.