There's a kind of peace in a snowstorm. It's as if the world has gone back in time 100 years. You can walk on the roads in a snowstorm as if they were paths through the woods. If you are quiet, you can actually hear the snow falling. It is such a peaceful sound.
I love snow storms because they turn the world off, and bring the family together. We love to cozy up by the fire after a morning of playing in the snow.
Kat and Lily playing in the snow. Thank you Kat (and Lily) for helping me shovel. You are beautiful outside and in.

I love to find beautiful ways to get cozy.

Antique French duvet on blue Toile and ticking stripe settee
The perfect bit of bling: crackled glass against a patina'd white iron

This is my pair of antique Swedish Gustavian "bergere" or arm chairs. Such intricate hand carved details. These were carved in Sweden in the late 1800s. They were modeled in the style of French neoclassic furniture, but much of the Swedish furniture was made in a more provincial flavor. Today they are beautiful in the modern home because they are more simplified than the high style French Rococo.

Antique red and white quilt on 1800s Swedish Gustavian armchair (bergere). Just look at that intricate detailed carving.
Speaking of French Rococo, some of my all-time favorite fabrics are from this period. I collect antique fabrics: French florals, toiles and ticking stripes. This stunning piece of authentic French Rococo fabric is about 150 years old, and yet preserved in wonderful shape. The work that went into these textiles amazes me. First the fabric was hand woven, then blocks were carved with all the individual details such as the florals and scrolls. (Scrolls are so typical of the French Rococo style). Then each color was hand individually hand dyed. One piece of fabric could take months or even years to make.
They are truly antique fabric works of art. I have a set of pillows made from a piece of this French beauty. I will show you soon :} .....

Mercury glass... one of my all time favorites. Here in blue and silver
in my antique blue flow bowl.

A few more photos I took of my home on our snowy day...

 I am going to cozy up with a good book and my antique French grain sack pillows and a warm cup of cafe au lait. What could be better on a snow day. I hope you enjoyed my day of peace in the snow.